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Illustration Halloween Costumes by Gosia Nowak

Harry Potter Fanart - Hogsmeade

Spooky portraits for inktober

Illustration of Halloween Feast

Illustration of spooky creatures: cat dressed as a ghost and magic frog

Illustration of Witches's Circle

Inktober illustration of witches by Gosia Nowak

Adventurer at a fire - illustration by Gosia Nowak

Illustration of spooky houses

Forest Guard creature - illustration by Gosia Nowak

Drawing Challenge | Inktober 2019

In October 2019, I participated in a month-long drawing challenge to practice my digital painting skills. I joined a community and, using daily prompts as inspiration, created a drawing every day for 31 days. Each peace followed a spooky theme. It was a challenging yet rewarding experience. I improved my skills and gained confidence in sharing my art online.

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