Redesign of portfolio management software

Le Tapyr
UX Audit, UX & UI redesign

About the client

Le Tapyr is a startup offering cloud-based portfolio monitoring software. It’s designed for single family offices aiming to attain real-time independence in managing their entire portfolio.


During the product's fast-paced development, the initial introduction of new features often lacked careful design consideration. This lead to a cluttered interface with suboptimal information presentation.

To enhance user experience, we needed to simplify and improve the main dashboard and single asset overview.

Additionally, we focused on selecting colors for a consistent and user-friendly look, ensuring a solid experience in both light and dark modes.

fin tech mobile app ui dark
fin tech mobile app ui light mode
fin tech mobile app ui light mode
Mobile UI fintech light and dark mode

UX audit to identify areas for improvement

I led a discovery meeting with Le Tapyr team to learn about the business and it’s customers. I looked into other products on the market and I reviewed the current solution. I explored the app and looked for areas for improvement as well as it’s strong sides.

As the result, we could identify priorities and plan the work.


The app was using generic styles from front-end framework.
It didn’t provide usable mobile experience and lacked implementation of UX design practices.

UX Review fin tech app

Explore potential improvements

I made wireframes and basic prototypes to see how we could solve the problems I found during the UX and UI Review. I looked at different layouts and how to organize the information to help customers see everything clearly and work on specific tasks without any interruptions.

Le Tapyr app wireframes

Great experience, regardless of preference

From what we knew about the users, they were evenly split between preference towards dark and light mode. Of course, we wanted both options to look sharp, so I created a color system that works well in both modes, while keeping accessibility and visual appeal in mind.

Styleguide fintech app light and dark modeStyleguide fintech app light and dark mode

Simple changes with big impact

I helped Le Tapyr achieve strong and well-defined information hierarchy and UI structure in their product. By applying design system approach during our collaboration I curated guides and styles that can be applied to the whole project.

By changes in color palette and typography I improved the accessibility of the product and created a more cohesive and friendly experience for the customers.

Fin tech app dark mode dashboardFin tech app dark mode dashboard
Fin tech app light mode dashboard

Why I want to share this project:

This project was small and quick, and I’m proud of the result. By giving design attention and applying design principles to the complex product I helped to make it better. With less then 40 hours of my work, I provided consistency, structure and elevated the overall user experience.

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