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About the client

ReadThrough, a sub-product of WritersDuet, offers a seamless platform where you can read, listen, and produce scripts. It is a powerful tool for writers to receive feedback on their scripts.


When I joined the ReadThrough team during the advanced development stage, the product was rapidly evolving from its prototype. My role involved designing features from scratch, optimizing existing ones, and elevating the overall user experience.

UI design for ReadThrough web appUI design for ReadThrough web app

Product onboarding

One of ReadThrough's core principles is to provide users with full functionality in a friction-free manner. We wanted users to be able to explore and try the platform without the hassle of lengthy sign-up forms. With just a few clicks, users can upload their first script, share it, and start collaborating.

Our goal was to strike the right balance between encouraging free exploration and offering some initial guidance to new users.

To address this challenge, I designed a simple pop-up that introduced users to ReadThrough's capabilities based on their role as a reader, writer, or actor. In addition, we incorporated loose and simple illustrations that added character to the platform while showcasing its superpowers.

Gosia Nowak onboarding illustrationOnboarding illustrations by Gosia NowakGosia Nowak Web Illustration OnboardingGosia Nowak Product Designer - onboarding illustrations

Small components with a significant impact.

At ReadThrough, one of the goals is to revolutionize how writers receive feedback on their scripts. It entails simplifying the process of sharing scripts, facilitating the discovery of potential readers, organizing feedback efficiently, and ensuring that giving feedback is a seamless experience.

During the project, I focused on a critical element: the comment component. Though seemingly small, it proved to be a complex challenge to tackle. We created a compact and flexible comment feature with multiple options, making it easy for readers to add their feedback effortlessly.

Comment box enables readers to:

  • Leave comments
  • Leave voice reccording
  • Leave video reccording
  • Add a suggestion for rewrite
  • Add emoji reaction
  • Add tags
  • Remove / Edit comments
  • Read comments left in the same line
  • Reply to comments in threads
  • Change visibility of the comment
UI Design for script writingUI design for ReadThrough web app
App UI Design for commentingWeb App UI Designer - Gosia Nowak

Customization without unnecessary complexity.

The app has a powerful form creator. I joined the team to refine the user interface and tie up any loose ends from the UX perspective. To ensure a good user experience, we implemented the following strategies:

  1. Dividing the complex flow:
We broke down the flow into smaller, more manageable steps, making it easier for users to navigate the process.
  2. Prioritizing the settings:
The flow starts with the most significant and impactful settings and inputs, allowing users to gain momentum and feel a sense of accomplishment quickly.
  3. Clear messaging and explanations:
We provided clear and concise explanations for more complex settings.
  4. Preview option:
Users can preview the results of their work, which helps them fine-tune their creations.
  5. Balancing customization and presets:
While offering extensive customization options, we also included presets that work well for most use-cases, striking a balance between flexibility and ease of use.
  6. Default settings and adjustments: We designed the default settings to cater to common needs, while users could adjust according to their specific requirements.
UX design process flowUX design process flow
UX & UI Designer - ReadThroughUX & UI Designer - ReadThrough

Versatile email design

I created a universal template to use for various email types. Collaborating closely with the copywriter, we ensured each email had a clear and compelling main call to action.

We included previews of comments and other relevant content, enabling recipients to assess the urgency of the notifications.

To support the message and add a touch of brand character, I also designed simple illustrations to complement the content of the emails.

Email Design with illustrations
Email Design with illustrationsEmail Design with illustrations

Project highlights:

The team had strong UX knowledge foundations and were eager to get involved in the process, propose solutions and discuss ideas. We iterated quickly, closely collaborating with the developers. While tackling different aspects of the app, I had the chance to dig deeper into target customers and the business domain.

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