Product Design Process for sustainable parcel delivery.

Product Discovery, UX Research, UX & UI Design, Illustration

About the client

Urb-it is a rapidly growing sustainable logistics platform. It provides sustainable last-mile deliveries in urban locations across Europe. They are a B Corporation certified business.


The client’s goal was to replace an old customer portal with a more competitive and flexible solution.

This new MyDelivery portal was going to be a part of a bigger ecosystem of software that was already working and growing. The solution we focused on is facing end-customers.

It had to be unique in the already saturated delivery market and provide a solid user experience.

Urb-it App Design by Gosia Nowak
Urb-it App Design by Gosia Nowak
Urb-it App Design by Gosia Nowak
Gosia Nowak - mobile app design for Urb-it

During the initial conversation, the client said:

“We have a lot of ideas of what should be possible, but we need to take it from ideas to something concrete. We also don't want to reinvent the wheel. If there are good ways of solving things, let's learn from them.”

Process overview

I developed UX and UI process tailored to the client’s needs.

Specifics regarding the tasks undertaken during the discovery and ideation phase are covered by an NDA. Building upon the outcomes of our research and exploration, I created wireframes for the MVP of new MyDelivery portal.

Phase 1: Discovery

  • Stackeholder interviews
  • Personas
  • Competitive Analysis

Phase 2: Ideation

  • Kano Model
  • Impact / Effort Matrix
  • Service Blueprints

Phase 1: Discovery

  • Wireframes
  • Initial UI Concepts
  • Prototypes
  • Design handoff


Wireframes proved to be a quick and cost-effective tool that can surface usability issues and enable technical discussions.

They were particularly helpful in this project because they allowed us to plan what technically and operationally is feasible within our time constraints.

Gosia Nowak - app design - wireframes
UX Goal 01

Building trust and predictability

The main, overarching need of Urb-it customers is to know where their parcel is and when it is coming. We made sure all the essential information about the parcel delivery status is easily accessible and understood.

Custom illustrations

Illustrations help to distinguish between different delivery stages. They are aligned with the established look and feel of the app.

Gosia Nowak custom app illustrationsGosia Nowak custom app illustrations
UX Goal 02

Giving customer control of their parcel

We enabled customers to customize their delivery experience. Based on user priorities we introduced options like leaving a comment for the courier, changing delivery time and method.

Gosia Nowak UX Design for Urb-itGosia Nowak UX Design for Urb-it
UX Goal 03

Providing support when needed

We paid attention to adding customer support touch points and creating easy paths to additional information customers might need.

Details of the parcel and the whole history of its journey are easily accessible.

We gather customer feedback and pay attention to simple and honest communication with customers.

Mobile app design UX & UI
Mobile app design UX & UI
Mobile app design UX & UI
Urb-it App Design by Gosia Nowak


Complete redesign of the MyDelivery portal allowed Urb-it to enter more competitive business space. Within weeks, first customers started to manage their delivery.

We’ve created a product focused on providing customers with choice, control and predictability.

Why I am proud of this project:

I created the UX strategy and carried it out efficiently. It's one of those rare projects where everything just flowed smoothly, without any bigger hiccups. We began with strong alignment and kept up great collaboration throughout, never loosing focus from the business goals.

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